SEKHEM ENERGY HEALING is an Energy that assists Healing and Personal growth. The SEKHEM comes from the the Egyptain word meaning " Power of Powers". Sekhem scepter represents the heavens connection to earth.

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One of the most important Sekhem Symbols is the Ankh.  The Ankh is well known as the Breath of Life. It is seen being held by the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt and placed into the mouth. Just like when a baby takes its first breath life enters the body. The Initiation is a similar metaphor  The Initiation is the birth of the Soul into the Human Body. The Body is the vehicle of the Soul.Much of our Spiritual Energy remains out of the body in the Higher centers, during the time of Initiation the Soul Descends through the crown and merges into the body, this is called a Soul Merge. SEKHEM Symbols are used to help the Initiator hold their intent and create a resonance effect that support the Initiation process. The Initiation is much like a cosmic orgasm and you feel connected to the whole universe. That is our spiritual heritage.  In many various system that use Symbols people sometime will ask afterward, "Did I receive the Initiation".The answer is simple. If you have to ask then NO. The Initiation is like the orgasm you know when you have one. Even though orgasm come in all different forms, you know when you have one. The Initiation is similar. It will be one of the most memorable experiences of  your life.


In the SEKHEM HEALING INITIATION The SEKHEM SYMBOL of the Ankh is placed in the heart and them molded in 3D over the entire body. The SEKHEM SYMBOL of the SUN is felt above the head. Many Systems have 2D Symbols, in Sekhem the symbols are not necessarily drawn but visualized, giving them a 3 Dimensional aspect. The Sekhem Symbols can also be used in the future and past giving them a 4th Dimensional aspect. By connecting them to the Living Light Matrix they inherit a 5th Dimensional aspect. This connects us to the Universe.




First we visualize the SEKHEM symbol of the Central sun giving Light and Love. It is just not seen as a 2 dimensional drawing, see it feel, hear it, taste it and even smell it. Feel it and experience as a Living Spiritual Conscious Heavenly Body.


Then Feel a Beautiful Column of Light descending from the Heavens.
The Ancient Egyptian Sekhem Symbol for Sekhem is simple an arrow pointing down.
It may also be seen as an Arrow pointing down above the head of the seated priest.

Typically the Gods Goddess and Pharaohs can all be seen holding the Sekhem Scepter














This column is what bring Heaven to Earth

It is the Infinity that holds our Spiraling Galaxy Together

The home of this Infinity Sekhem Symbol That connects us all is

The Heart.


Sekhem Heart infinity

Sekhem Heart

The Initiation then connects us to the Universe.



One Heart One Universe One SEKHEM on Earth All-Love


Sekhem Initation



Sekhem Courses are available in many Countries.

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If you do not see a Sekhem Course in your area let us know so we can arrange for a qualified teacher.

The Sekhem Energy is included in the All-Love Course.

The Sekhem Courses include the Sekhem Initiation.

The Sekhem Courses include the Sekhem Symbols.

Sekhem Healing is spontaneous with the Sekhem Initiation.